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The story of 3Q Optical

All good things in the world are worth to be amplified, whether it is a word or the love in deep mind. Magnifying glass has such a special skill.

To be honest, before I was a volunteer, I never thought that magnifier would become my career.


In 2010, as a volunteer I went to nursing homes to help elderly people. It was my first time to go to nursing homes as a volunteer. My heart was very heavy. At that time, the elderly people went to nursing homes when they couldn’t get the care from their kids. Their days are numbered and they need stay in nursing homes in their remaining years.


I was brought up by my grandmother. I had remembered the pleasant days I had with my grandmother when I saw the elderly people in nursing homes. I bought some daily necessities and some books to them. I hope they can read some books when they were boring.


But when I gave the book to one of the grandpa, he said that he can’t read the book due to low vision. I was very sad when I heard this. One of the grandmas was very happy to see the books, told me that she likes reading when she was young. Then she picked up a book started to read. But I found that the grandma was very difficult to read the book due to low vision. At that time, I know I should do something to help those low vision elderly people.


So I decided to make magnifying glass for the elderly. At that time my friend Jack has a led light factory, I told my idea to Jack and received Jack’s support .So 3Q Optical established.


Using high-tech technology and unique creative thinking, what I developed has obvious advantages on clarity and innovation. Clear mirror with light and have the function of charging. Even in bad light condition, reading is not a problem. When I brought our magnifiers to nursing homes, they read with smile. That was the most proud moment in my life.


Most of the magnifiers were traditional handheld magnifier and without led, the disadvantages are that users could not use it in dark place, and would feel dizzy if use long time. Over several years development, Our product include dome magnifier / clip magnifier / magnifier lamp / foldable magnifier and other different kind of magnifiers.


Magnifying glass is not only an ordinary product, it is a living thing. It magnifies the knowledge for elderly and even our love for them.


My business startups are not common, it’s not for money, but comes from love.

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