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Desktop Magnifying Glass

A desktop magnifying glass is great to have at the desk where you go through your mail, do your bills or balance your checkbook. Look for a lighted one that has an adjustable and flexible arm that lets you adjust the location of the magnifier to make for easy reading.


This type of lamp provides magnification and light to enhance your reading or to help you with your hobbies. It also allows you to be hands free so that you are not holding a magnifier for an extended period of time.

My father-in-law who has wet macular degeneration, was using a lighted hand held magnifying glass for his reading. He got tired of holding the magnifier and replacing the batteries in his hand held LED magnifier.


I suggested he get a hands free magnifier (desktop magnifying glass) for most of his reading and use the lighted hand held magnifier for spot magnifying – like quickly reading a label or a prescription bottle.


Now he can read at his desk with his hands free without having to constantly adjust the distance of the magnifier for clear reading. If you want to do some of your reading, writing, etc at your desk, then invest in a good magnifying desk lamp like this one pictured. Desktop magnifying glass.

desktop magnifying glass


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