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Hot Selling Zoom Magnifier During Chirstmas and New Year

As the age grows, the parents’ eyesight is worse day by day. A lot of over 50 years of age in the elderly will present the phenomenon of presbyopia, and have to wear reading glasses. Sometimes reading and reading newspapers need to use a magnifying glass to see the words clearly, zoom magnifier.


3Q multi-function magnifying glass is a specially designed black tech product designed for the elderly to read and read newspapers. In a short period of time, Japan has sold nearly 300 thousand sets in a short period of time, which is widely accepted by the middle-aged and the elderly.


3Q multi-function magnifying glass is used in Japanese original lenses and is carefully polished according to optical imaging technology. Convex lens imaging can not only effectively amplify the imaging objects, but also have zero damage to the human eye.


3Q multi-function magnifying glass all use bucket design, and apply automatic focus on the paper. The traditional magnifying glass is more convenient to use.


3Q LED zoom magnifier


Zoom magnifier


The 3Q LED zoom magnifier uses a full metal shell process, which makes it look very good in appearance.


The maximum function of the 3Q LED zoom magnifier is to be able to zoom in hand and adjust the ratio of focal imaging.


The magnifying magnification of the magnifier can be stopped by only drawing the ring up and down of the lens in the lens.


Inside the magnifying glass, there are also 3 LED lights, which are used by the messenger in the absence of light. 3Q LED zoom change magnifier LED lamp switch using the touch switch, the clever design of the opening in the lens by colloidal ring. You can also through the finger sliding rubber ring to control the LED lights light bright.


3Q LED charging magnifier


The overall design of the 3Q LED charging magnifier is simple and generous, and the steel materials are all consolidated and durable. The coating of black coating makes it more scientific and technological.


The inside of the magnifier is equipped with 3 LED lights, and the mode of the switch is very simple. You only need to light the outer ring of the lens of the magnifying glass. It’s easy to light it up.


The most intimate gift to the parents.

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