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How to make the magnifier to telescope?

For some astronomers, there is always a good telescope at home. But sometimes, even a cheapest astronomical telescope is also not acceptable to anyone. So some people think of making a simple astronomical telescope by themselves. Only need two hand held magnifiers. Now let’s have a look.


Hand Held Magnifiers


First of all, we take out a piece of dark cardboard, roll it into a paper tube and then fix it with hot glue.


Hand Held Magnifiers


Next, cut a slot with scissors on the side of the tube, and put a magnifying glass into the tube.


Hand Held Magnifiers


Then, taking out another small magnifying glass, and putting it on a piece of cardboard to cut it into a ring, place it on the cardboard with hot glue.


Hand Held Magnifiers


Then, the circular cardboard with the magnifying glass is fixed with the other end of the cylinder, and the surrounding area is sealed with light and light.


Hand Held Magnifiers


Finally, to install the film in a tripod, and adjust to the suitable angle, a homemade telescope has been completed, although looks a bit crude, but for the most part very well.


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