DH-86015 Amazon Magnifying Glass Magnifiers For Reading

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 1. Product Specifications                                        


Glass Magnifiers For Reading Brand Name: 3Q-TECH

Item Number: DH-86015

Item Size: 105 x 55mm

Magnification: 5X

Light Source: 4 led lights

Material: K9 glass lens + ABS + Silicone

Battery: 200mAh rechargeable lithium battery

Colors: black, green…all color available



This LED desktop magnifying glass with sure grip silicone glides smoothly over materials you are viewing. The open base design allows you to easily move over objects such as coins and some other small parts. It is very easy and pleasurable to use, because you don’t need to hold over your materials. Unlike handheld magnifier, you can simply glide it right over your materials, leaving your hands free. Amazon Magnifying Glass Magnifiers For Reading.




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Glass Magnifiers For Reading




 3. Why Choose Us                                                   



1. We have 8 years production experience of optical instrument, our mainly products including magnifier, magnifying lamp, magnifier lens. Amazon Magnifying Glass Magnifiers For Reading.

2. So powerful customer service can reply you in 24 hours and offer all the solutions and solve problems for clients with our team.

3. 100% QC inspection before shipment.

4. CE/ROHS certificates,competitive price.

5. Custom andOEM/ODM order available.




 4. FAQs                                                                        



Q: How to use?

A: There are two switches. The main ON/OFF switch is inside the housing and the power/dimmer button is on the outside side of the housing. The main switch on the inside must be on for the outside button to work. Amazon Magnifying Glass Magnifiers For Reading.


Q: Is the lens distortion-free all the way to the edge?

A: The lens is distortion-free all the way to the edge when used properly. The design provides a stand which sets a fixed position for perfect focus for the full diameter of the high quality glass lens. The magnifier and stand should be set directly on desktop above object being viewed. The stand has an open bottom to allow the magnifier to slide over objects.


Q: What is the strength of the magnifier in diopters?

A: The diopter is about 7.8.


Q: How long does it take to fully charge?

A: It takes an hour to fully charge, and can use about 8 hours.


Q: Can the battery change?

A: No, the battery is internal, it can not change.


Q: How is the item packed individually?

A: 1pc Optical Grade 5X Magnifying Glass, 1pc Protective Zipper Case for Storage, 1pc Cleaning Cloth for Lens, 1pc USB Recharging Cable, 1pc Instruction Manual.

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Product Name:DH-86015 Amazon Magnifying Glass Magnifiers For Reading



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