DH-84012 Hand Held Magnifiers For Low Vision

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 1. Product Specifications                                        


Hand Held Magnifiers Brand Name: 3Q-TECH

Item Number: DH-84012

Item Size: 250 x 110 x 20mm

Magnification: 5X

Light Source: 6 led lights

Material: K9 glass lens + Aluminum + ABS

Battery: 200mAh rechargeable lithium battery

Colors: black



This handheld magnifier provides simple and effective solutions to make small print bigger, brighter and better, not heavy to hold. It comes with a K9 optical magnification glass lens, makes it to be 5x larger than it was and achieve more clarity. The powerful bright 6 LED lights provide adjustable illumination to light up under any dim condition, make it to be brighter. The USB rechargeable design help save power, do not need to buy extra battery. Hand Held Magnifiers For Low Vision.




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Hand Held Magnifiers Hand Held Magnifiers Hand Held Magnifiers




 3. Why Choose Us                                                   



1. We have 8 years production experience of optical instrument, our mainly products including magnifier, magnifying lamp, magnifier lens. Hand Held Magnifiers For Low Vision.

2. So powerful customer service can reply you in 24 hours and offer all the solutions and solve problems for clients with our team.

3. 100% QC inspection before shipment.

4. CE/ROHS certificates,competitive price.

5. Custom and OEM/ODM order available.




 4. FAQs                                                                        



Q: Is the lens glass or plastic?

A: It is K9 glass lens. Hand Held Magnifiers For Low Vision.


Q: What type of batteries is required?

A: It comes with a 200mAh lithium battery, rechargeable, do not need extra batteries.


Q: Is this magnifier heavy and easy to handle?

A: It is not too heavy and easy to handle.


Q: Can you burn things with it or will the little magnifier get in the way?

A: This magnifier is not to burn, it is for reading, watching maps, jewels, etc. It is a great product.


Q: How is the item packed individually?

A: 1pc magnifying glass, 1pc micro USB cable, 1pc cleaning cloth, 1pc cloth bag.

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Product Name:DH-84012 Hand Held Magnifiers For Low Vision



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