DH-88002 Light With Magnifying Glass On Stand

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 1. Product Specifications                                        


Light With Magnifying Glass On Stand Brand Name: 3Q-TECH

Item Number: DH-88002

Item Size: 460 x 110 x 20mm

Magnification: 5X

Light Source: 6 led lights

Material: K9 glass lens + Metal + ABS

Battery: 200mAh rechargeable lithium battery

Colors: black


The flexible gooseneck of 6 LED Desktop Magnifier, allows users to adjust the lamp to various heights and positions. ​It is rechargeable through a mini USB port for more convenient use. This lamp is heavy enough to prevent it from fell down, and the magnification is 5X, it has three different levels brightness. This hands-free magnifying lamp is an ideal for doing precision work such as coin/stamp collecting, crafts, jewelry, needling, working and so on. Light With Magnifying Glass On Stand.



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Light With Magnifying Glass On Stand




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1. We have 8 years production experience of optical instrument, our mainly products including magnifier, magnifying lamp, magnifier lens. Light With Magnifying Glass On Stand.

2. So powerful customer service can reply you in 24 hours and offer all the solutions and solve problems for clients with our team.

3. 100% QC inspection before shipment.

4. CE/ROHS certificates,competitive price.

5. Custom andOEM/ODM order available.




 4. FAQs                                                                     



Q: What is the diameter of the glass portion of the lens and how heavy is it?

A: About 90mm. It can come with a handle, you can unscrew from the flex able stand, so you can use it by hand, it is about 750g. Light With Magnifying Glass On Stand.


Q: How do we recharge this?

A: There is an included micro USB cable, plug the micro USB end into the lamp and the regular USB into a wall charger, computer or power bank.


Q: How long does it take to fully charge?

A: It takes an hour to fully charge, and can use about 8 hours.


Q: How is the item packed individually?

A: 1pc magnifying glass, 1pc snake pipe with metal base, 1pc micro USB cable, 1pc cleaning cloth, 1pc cloth bag

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Product Name:DH-88002 Light With Magnifying Glass On Stand



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