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A client seek high quality magnifiers from trade fair

During 2016, we exhibited two shows in Hongkong, this Italy client visited both of our booths, wholesale magnifier.


They came by our booth on 13th Oct, attracted by our dome magnifiers. After we introduced the functions and quoted, they thought the price is a little expensive, above their budget. Then they gave us a name card and left. Here is not ending.


20th Oct, they visited our another booth again; said that after checking the quality and functions with other suppliers, though there were some items cheaper than yours, but their quality were not well. They would introduce our magnifiers during the meeting, might need samples. They buy 2pcs samples of each our DH-86019 rechargeable dome magnifier and DH-88001 2 in 1 handheld & clip on magnifier.


Half a month later, they sent us an email and requested several magnifier samples. After we sent, they had a meeting, introduced the items they found during the trade fair. Fortunately, they chose one of our items DH-86019 rechargeable dome magnifier . But the customer want to change the shape of the magnifier body because they want to have their own shape dome magnifier.  After check every details with customers, our R&D team make a new shape design of the body, the customer was very satisfied with the design and finally we opened a new mold for this customers. And now, the order quantity increased every month.

If you have any OEM magnifier idea, please let us know. Our professional R&D team and sales team will provide our best service for you.

We always provide high quality magnifiers with multifunction; you get what you pay for.

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