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Solving the problem with client together.

In the year of 2014, one of our important US customers, we found them through Google and sent an email. Lucky for us, they replied us on the next day, and asked to send more details for our company, products, also some questions.


Two months later, we developed a new item DH-86018 Zoom Touch LED Magnifier and introduced to them. They showed a great interest in it and requested some samples. After received samples, they found a small problem. Sometimes the LED light did not work well. We thought that they were going to give up it, but actually did not. As they really liked our Zoom Touch LED Magnifier  and there do not have this kind of function magnifier at that time. 3Q Optical was the first company which can make this product.  We discussed a lot with the customers and  we also had a video meeting with bosses and engineers all together. We discussed several times and tried to solve the problem. Fortunately, we found the problem source was the  IC problem. We are appearciate that the customer can help us to solve this problem.


We found the source of the problem, but how to solve this product was very difficult for us. We make test several times and found that domestic IC can not solve this problem. We take one month to find correct IC and finally we found it out. We found a IC which was imported from aboad was fit with our product. And after use this IC, the led of  Zoom touch led magnifier was work well. And now DH-86018 Zoom Touch LED Magnifier is our  very hot selling items and the product was sell in Japan/ Europe/ USA and other different countries.

We are really appreciate the client who put forward the problem, and worked together to solve it, improved the product and make it better.

If you want to about our zoom touch led magnifier and any other different kind of magnifier, please feel free to contact with us.

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