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To provide customers with a complete solution

The first time I received Leo’s inquiry was in Nov.2014. Leo was a purchase manager of an optical product distributor in UK. Leo wanted to design a new function magnifier and he had already find some suppliers at that time.

Based on our complete and professional proposal, prompt and detailed answer to his questions , Leo decided to cooperate with our company and developed new magnifier lamp together.

There were so many technology problems during development. First, he want to develop a new clip lamp magnifier, similar with our DH-88001 2 in 1 handheld& clip magnifier  but not the same one. He need magnifier lamp base with clip 2 in 1 magnifiers. It was difficult because there do not have this kind of product at that time. Based on the requirement of Leo, though it’s difficult, our designer make a simple drawing of the product first. After check, Lep was very satisfied with the design of the product. In order to make the product more perfect and elegant, our designer revise the drawing several times. After half month later, we confirm the final shape of the new product.

After confirm the product shape, we started to process the mold of the new magnifier lamp. After calculate the mold fee, Leo said the mold fee over his budget that he can not afford 100% mold fee. After negotiation, we accept Leo to pay only 50% of the mold fee, left mold fee paid by our company. And 50% of the mold fee was refundable after the quantity can be reach our requirement in two years. Leo was very happy and can’t wait to cooperate with us to do next step.

After one month later, the mold is ready but the mold still have some technical problems. Finally all of these problems were solved by our designer. And the new model of magnifier lamp was hot selling in UK and Europe until now.

We can not show the product here to you because we have an agreement with Leo that we can not sell this item or show this item to other customers. So you can not see the product in our website now. But our company also have other different type of magnifier lamp, for example DH-88001 clip magnifier lamp/ DH-88003 USB power supply magnifier lamp and so on.

Leo was very satisfied with our R&D team and sales team. We are still cooperate until now.

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